Monday, March 5, 2012

Telling Time Free by King's Apps

Telling Time Free by King's Apps

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Description: Practice or take a quiz identifying analog by inputing the digital time.

  • Practice mode lets you make as many guesses as you need until you get it right.
  • Quiz mode allows only one guess per clock and gives a report at the end with how many questions were correct, and a total % score.
  • Settings will allow you to change
    • Practice/Quiz mode
    • # of questions
    • Minute Hand Increments
    • Timer (up to 8 minutes to complete the practice/quiz)
    • Letter Grade (gives students a letter grade along with % score after Quiz)
    • Sound (on/off)
Integration Ideas:
    • Math
      • Use practice mode to practice telling time. Then use quiz mode to grade.
      • Try a timed quiz. Who can get the best score in a 1 minute quiz?
Feeling inspired? Comment below with your ideas!  OR try it out with your class and leave comments about what you did and how it went!

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