Monday, March 5, 2012

Skitch By Evernote

Skitch By Evernote

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Description: Annotate photos, camera shots, screenshots, websites, and maps. Or create a drawing from scratch.

  • If you create an Evernote account for your class, you can send your Skitch images to Evernote. No more plugging in the iPad to download the images you need!
  • You can also send images to Twitter or to the iPod camera roll.
Integration Ideas:
    • Math
      • Students take a picture of a workbook page then answer it using Skitch. They can turn it in by uploading it to your Evernote account.
      • Take a photo of an object. Measure the object and record the measurements on the photo.
    • Science
      • Students take photos during science experiments and label the important parts.
    • Social Studies
      • Students find and label important events/places on a map.
    • Language Arts
      • Students take a photo and write a story about it.
Feeling inspired? Comment below with your ideas!  OR try it out with your class and leave comments about what you did and how it went!

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  1. I love Skitch! I didn't know that you could send it to Evernote!
    I thought I could use it to have students explain various steps of a process. Thanks!