Thursday, March 1, 2012

iChoose - Free

Description: Several random choice generators including dice, coin toss, and card choice. Just pick the generator you want and simply tap the screen to "roll".

  • The dice (or other items) automatically reset after displaying a short time.
  • Use the "Hold Outcome" button to have the dice stay on the last roll until rolled again. They will not automatically reset as long as you have the "Hold Outcome" button selected.
Integration Ideas:
    • Math
      • Use the dice roller to generate numbers for equations to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc.
      • Use the card choice roller to generate playing cards for any number of math games. Check out this site for a list of ideas:
      • Explore probability concepts with each type of roller provided.
      • Generate data to graph by rolling one of the choosers available.
      • Use the random number chooser (1-100) to generate numbers for more advanced addition/subtraction.
    • Other
      • Give each student in class a real playing card. Use the Card Choice roller to choose students for groups/activities.
Feeling inspired? Comment below with your ideas!  OR try it out with your class and leave comments about what you did and how it went!

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