Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tour Wrist

Tour Wrist App for iPad or iPod Touch

Website Link:

Description: Virtual 360 degree tours of all kinds of places.  You can hold the device and move it around to see what is all around you OR use your finger to "look" around.


  • Preview the tours before you send students.  Check for inappropriate content. I haven't noticed any yet, but as more pictures are added from users, it could happen.
  • To send students to a specific tour, have them browse for it.  Click Browse, then type the name in the search box.  Tell them which "pin" on the map you want them to choose.
  • Have students take a screen shot (hold down home button and press power button once) to document where they have been.  This is also a great way for you to take the picture into another app (like a photo editor) to add to the lesson.
  • Some tours have multiple pictures/scenes.  Click the little "next" arrow to see more views of that place.
  • If you don't want students moving all around they can click "touch" to move the picture with their fingers. They can always click "gyro" to go back to actual movement.  Note: Using "touch" mode takes out the kinesthetic learners enjoyment as well as the engagement for some students, so encourage the movement when appropriate!
  • Note: As with any app/website you should supervise and direct students in this app.  There are photos that could be considered by some as inappropriate (think of what you might see on a Las Vegas street or a beach in France).  Images accepted in some cultures/locales may not be appropriate for the classroom. :-)

Integration Ideas:

    • Math
      • Shape Recognition - Students choose a tour and then identify shapes in that tour.
      • Counting - Students choose a tour and then count different objects in the picture (windows, trees, chairs, etc)
      • Equations - Have students make up equations or story problems about the picture.  The room has 3 chairs, if two chairs break how many would be left?  3-2=1
    • Science
      • Making Observations - Browse for nature photos (click browse, then type nature in the advanced search box).  Have students make observations from the photo. 
      • Inferring - Browse for nature photos. Ask leading questions that connect to the content you're studying.  What types of rocks do you see?  How can you recognize the types?  What season is it? What evidence do you have?
    • Social Studies
      • Landforms - Browse for different landforms and make a thinking map of what you find.  How many rivers are there?  How many mountains?
      • Map Skills - Every time you use the advanced search pins appear on a map where there are tours.  Use map vocabulary and skills with students.
      • Cultures - Take tours in other parts of the world and compare them to ours.
    • Language Arts
      • Creative Writing - Students browse for a photo that inspires them, then write a story for that picture. It could be the setting for the story. Or have students find an object in a picture and write from the point of view of that object.  Students may want to take a screen shot so they can go back there without using the app next time.
      • Descriptive Writing - Have students write a descriptive paragraph about a place.  Have students take a screen shot.  Other students can read the writing and guess which ipod it belongs to.
    • Other
      • It looks like if you visit the website (not the app) you may be able to take and upload your own photos.  Kids could make a virtual tour of the school (photos would need to be done with no students in them for safety).

Feeling inspired? Comment below with your ideas!  OR try one idea out with your class and leave comments about what you did and how it went!  

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