Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Story Kit

Story Kit

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Description: Students can create a story and add photos/illustrations.

  • The story is only stored on the specific device it is created on. Students wil need the same iPod/iPad the next time to continue working on their story.
  • There are a few stories built in you can read or edit.
  • You can use the camera to take pictures for your story. Have students illustrate on paper, then take a photo of it.
  • If you don't have a camera, you can use screen shots from any app/website saved to the photos app.

Integration Ideas:
    • Math
      • Create a story to illustrate a math problem.
      • Make a book about shapes and take photos of the shapes you find in the school
    • Science
      • Create a book to show how to do an experiment.
      • Make up an animal with adaptations and write a storybook about your animal. Use the camera to take a picture of your animal (drawn on paper).
    • Social Studies
      • Make a story about a famous person or time in history. Capture screen shots form the internet to illustrate your story.
      • Make a story about landforms, use the camera to take a picture of landforms in your textbook.
    • Language Arts
      • Make a story using your spelling words.
      • Make a new ending to a famous tale.
      • Make an alphabet book.
Feeling inspired? Comment below with your ideas!  OR try it out with your class and leave comments about what you did and how it went!

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